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Sitra Archa
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...In The Name Of Their God
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Give Me A Medicine
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Of the day September 1 2006 issued EBOLA JOY, below header OPEN MEDIA, his new album GALLERY !!

After altogether best - selling cd "SITRA ACHRA" is coming Ebola JOY with new album "GALLERY", which is, at all first, shield editorial firm, namely OPEN MEDIA Records.

Whole album was taped and mixed in own recording studio: studio, in Brno. Mastering performed singing - master Igor Mores and precious cover fecit Tomáš Rùžièka. "GALLERY" includes on the whole 12 compositions full emotion and moods, protchnutych atmosphere, typical for Ebola JOY. On album also you will hear violin presented by Štìpán Kondeie.

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I was taught to play the piano for 7 years when I was a child, but I learned how to play the guitar myself. I started to be interested in metal after I moved to Znojmo. I played with a few bands but maybe just one of them is worth to be mentioned – it’s the trash metal CORUND. There were people like for example "Lájoš" from KASHMIR, or "Jářek", bass guitar player from COLP. It was already in the last century (1997) when I and Al founded the EBOLA JOY and since that time I have been doing exactly what I always wanted i.e. dark hard music with keys and proper singing.

Health and family and then all the rest. Order of other things changes according to need, situation, feelings and mood. Everybody should know what he wants and how to accomplish it. Basically I am a high-principled nerd so for many people rather “heavy”stuff to swallow. I don’t like chronic complaining and whining that life’s a b… I don’t like people who dash off ten reasons why this or that cannot be done. Everybody and everything has a value for me and according to that I treat them too. Not excluded my own value because at every time it is true that the way you treat the others the way they treat you.

This is one of the values for me, a certain taboo. It is an escape, a relaxation, feelings outlet, mood valve, fulfillment of myself... but also high expense, manual and mental work, time and a lot of everyday troubles. As long as I can see sense in this activity I will fully apply myself in it. But if I find out that the source of needfulness is drying out I will look for other possibilities. Every band has to have a necessary soul harmony and certain priorities must be balanced at each member of the band. If it’s not like that all effort is useless. We are more or less successful in that and so we exist.. and that’s good. We have reached a certain level so it is something to build on. The older we are the better estimation we have and also enough experience for right decisions. But I don’t want to claim that we are unmistakable. And we are still full of feelings that can address others. And that we go well – plenty of splendid responses to our work proves that.

Certainly I don’t do it because of counting issued CD’s or concerts. My priority is obvious: to create, to create and to create. As far as the creation has a sense and is able to address the audience then the rest comes after. However to be able to create properly there are partial aims which are, for example, appointing a manager’s position or gaining a contract with a production or recording agency. There are more and more of these tasks day by day so there is no time to whine… In addition I have a personal aim to go on with my study of English. It won’t take long and we will be part of the EU and I don’t want to feel like a primeval man.

I really don’t have any idols. But as far as music I like to listen to Pink Floyd, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Samael, Tiamat, The Gathering, Testament, Sepultura, classic guitar and organ. There is not much time for TV but my favourite actresses are: Sharon Stone, Michelle Pfeiffer, Andy MacDowell.. and many others. But most of all I love watching hockey and I am a big fan of a goal man Martin Brodeur from New Jersey Devils, because he is my son’s idol. Concerning food I like fresh smoked pork and old good Scotch. I like spending my time at a computer too.

I am quite happy with what I have. Sound satisfies my needs and ideas. I play the B.C.RICH Warlock guitar (I have a soft spot for not very classical shapes). This "Gazelle" with silver-black metal design has active EMG pick-ups and a tremolo LO-PRO by Ibanez. Reserve guitar "Abigail" is an old copy of Les Paul with a fixed bridge and DiMarzio pick-ups. I have been using strings 0.10. And I always use plectron George Dennis Sharp 1.30. Signal goes through a Shure Diversity into POD effect of firm Line 6 ( with Floor Board pedal) and then into a HOCKE lamp amplifier, which is a double canal with an output of 70W. And then it all comes out in a final form from a SOUND CITY box that I am proud of.. This "grandmother" is 35 years old, it has 4 Eminence 50W speakers and it’s an original from old England. One maniac wanted me to exchange it for a new “900” one by Marshall ….no way! Oh, yes and to all that you need hands, of course!!

Greatest rock and roll songs of all time

Music and all that is accomplished and made there will never die and will continue living throughout generations and that is the lure of it. As a musician you don't only create a song that will earn you money, but you also put a little part of your emotions and thoughts out there, that will live forever, through other people.

Escorts love how it all happens, because there are so many bands and rock stars that lived decades ago and created masterpieces. Even though they died quite a long time ago, a piece of them continues to still live within each person who listened to their music. That is why every escort loves music and the diversity of it.

Rock songs that everyone knows

When you think of music, the first thing that comes to your mind is either something classic, like Mozart and Schubert, or it is much closer to rock and pop music. Both ways are good, but if you don't already enjoy listening to rock, then you might want consider doing it, or ask an escort like those from https://www.eros.com/ to join you. There are some great new bands like Panic! At the disco and the Ebola Joy band who do amazing songs, but let's first concentrate on the greatest hits from the past.

Everyone and their parents know of Led Zeppelin, or in case the band name doesn't ring a bell, then their most famous song Stairway to Hell will do, for sure. Escorts that you can find on EROS love the band in general, especially the original members, who later went on and got their own groups, like Iron Maiden and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Another famous song made by them is Whola Lotta Love. You will soon see that also other songs from this list are mainly from the period end 60's to middle 70's.

Why is rock and roll so famous?

Queen and Nirvana are two bands without whom one couldn't imagine rock and roll being what it is today. They changed the world and brought music like no one will again. Just imagine living with your escorts in this time where in about 10 years most of the greatest rock and roll songs of all times were made. It must have been amazing and incredible witnessing all of that. However, the only thing you and your escort can do is listen to the old songs and wait if something like this happens in our lifetime.

Queen is known for their Bohemian Rhapsody and Nirvana for Smells Like Teen Spirit. These two songs are the must have for every rock and roll fan. Escorts will tell you that it is so popular, because it has actually no boundaries and one can, in fact do anything in rock. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd is one more masterpiece, as well as Walk This Ways by Aerosmith, and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. Since Metallica is also a famous rock and roll band, we have to mention their most successful song Enter Sandman. Make sure to spread your collection and listen to these songs if you haven't already.

Best rock venues in Czech Republic

Czech Republic has plenty of great venues where people can go to rock concerts. Due to its central location in Europe, it has always been a favorite destination for musicians. The country is packed with theatres and clubs that enhance the live music culture. Singers and bands that have produced impressive hits have proudly stood on these stages. Celebrate your passion for rock alongside a crowd of thousands and savor every moment of it.

Whether you look for the next rock band’s act, or you do not miss any Ebola Joy performance, there are some venues that you should check out. Spend magical moments in the company of your friends and let yourself be engaged in a unique cultural experience that you will not forget. You can go wherever you want and be part of an amazing ambiance. Sing the lyrics alongside your favorite band and create beautiful memories.

One of the most important places is Palác Akropolis. Located in the capital city of Prague, it is a popular choice for the fans who want to see a spectacle of consecrated artists, or the emerging ones in a more intimate setting. Whenever you have some spare time, do not spend your evening watching escorts and instead go to a musical event and listen to the electric guitars and inspiring lyrics of Ebola Joy.

If you want a taste of excitement, choose Rock Café for your next night out. Bring your buddies for a drink and dance to your rock and roll precious songs. The café never lacks live shows that will sweep you of your feet. Feel the ecstatic feelings with every beat and get ready for the party with beer and cocktails. You can also swing by Rock Hard Café for a delicious dinner and a genuine rock atmosphere.

Rock and Roll Garage in Ostrava is a focal point to avid fans of this music genre. With a great hall, good beverages, quality service and fantastic retro décor, it will definitely win your heart with every step you take inside. Swing by this place for an entertaining show with famous artists and dance your night away in a comfortable environment. Give a try to the wine cellar and pick a glass of wine from major brands.

With a large amount of visitors that come to Lucerna Music Bar every week, it would be a shame if you do not stop by. From local to international musical groups, this historical building houses regular concerts that will truly take your breath away. Spread on two floors, the hall interior has a huge tv screen which plays music videos while you dance to the rhythms of the most awesome tunes. You can meet partygoers from every part of the world.

Czech Republic is a wonderful place for those who crave live rock events. While many tourists come to this country for the historical heritage, music can also offer them a one-of-a-kind adventure. You can relax and forget about your everyday worries. Let the melodies ease your mind and focus on the thrilling lives. Raise your hands in the air and bring your emotions into the party. Explore the flavors of rock scene with the best venues in Czech Republic!